buyers’ brand switches, state dependence and variety seeking 

  • Identify Brand Satiation Using Purchase Data (With Venkatesh Shankar) (recent version, earlier version)
  • Compensatory Variety Seeking in Scanner Datasets (With Hua Yuan) (recent version, earlier version)
  • Explain Heterogeneity in State Dependence using “Fundamental” Switches (recent version, earlier version)

buyers’ and sellers’ competitive strategies in search markets 

social preference related information in contracts 

  • Triggering Reciprocity in a principal-agent game (With Debing Ni and Kaiming Zheng) (recent version, earlier version, slides)
  • The effect of different information disclosures on an experimental hold-up game (with Kaiming Zheng, Debing Ni, Yang Yang) (recent version, draft version, slides)
  • Endowment asymmetry in the trust game: an ex post efficiency view (with Jun Feng) (recent version, draft version)

online shoppers’ behavior and e-commerce 

  • Customers’ shopping behavior on the E-commerce Platform (with Lengyang Wang)